Add Comfort And Convenience To Your Camping Trip With A Pod

Camping pods are insulated huts which are designed to be just like tents but they are timber built. They usually come in arch shape, making them impressively attractive and also easy blending into the landscape and the eye as well. They eliminate struggles of erecting a tent when you go camping and they offer so many other benefits, especially when compared to the normal camping tents. The pods can vary in size, but they usually sleep four campers who wish to enjoy some luxury and enjoy security during their camping trips as well. There are so many reasons why you should consider getting a camping pod instead of a tent and they include the following.

1. Pods eliminate the wind flapping and whip that is common with tents. This means that you will enjoy your sleep without constantly being woken.

2. When you have a pod, you are guaranteed to have a dry place to camp regardless of whether the weather decides to be damp. Considering that pods are already set up, you will only need to move in when you get to the camping site.

3. Pods offer lots of security and privacy. You no longer have to worry about your valuable even when you go away to explore the camping grounds since you can lock them up. Pods come complete with lockable doors and windows for such convenience.

4. They offer decking area when you can chill out, sunbath and eat. You will just love the comfort pods have to offer as long as you select the right one for the kind of experience you wish to enjoy during your camping trip.

5. Most of the pods are insulated hence you are able to remain comfortably effortlessly whether it is summer or winter. You do not have to pack too many things to keep warm when headed out for a camp in a pod.

Choosing a pod

Pod manufacturers can design a bespoke pod just for you. You can also find ready made pods to choose from to take care of your camping needs. Just like buying any other item, there are things that you should always consider when choosing camping pods.

Size – Since most are arch sized, you may not have much of an option with the shape, but you can definitely decide on the size. When looking at the size always remember head room and floor area. Your pod should be sizeable enough to accommodate your camping needs in terms of the number of people you take for such trips.

Lighting – Most will of course come complete with lighting, but it helps to find out in advance what lighting is made available to you.

Ventilation and insulation – They are important factors that play a role in how comfortable you remain in any kind of weather.

Price – The quality of your pod and features too can determine the price that you pay for them. Go through your options and select a pod that you can afford and love too.

Tips to Buy The Best Camping Utensils

If you are looking for a great way of spending time with your family outdoors, we suggest that you consider camping. But for a successful trip, you need to have a solid plan. First of all, make sure you know about the right campsite. After all, you want to be comfortable. For this, you need to have the right tools, such as kitchen utensils. Let’s find out how to buy the best camping utensils. Read on to know more.

Types of Utensils

During your outdoor trip, you don’t have to eat with your hands. You need quality camping utensils. Let’s know about different types:


Plastic is very durable and cheap. Dishes and plates made of plastic can be used for dinning out, parties and camping out. However, the downside is that plastic is not eco-friendly.

Stainless steel

This type of utensils can be found in almost every home. They are the choice of every household for their durability and sturdiness. You can use them same for your trip. Since you already own them, they won’t cost you anything. However, the problem is that they are heavier compared to other types.


This type is made from aluminium, which is a lighter metal. The advantage is that they offer the same degree of durability. But they cost more.

The things that you will need for your trip include spoons, forks, knives, bottle openers, and can openers, just to name a few.

Factors to consider Buying Camping Utensils

If you are looking for the best camping utensils to meet your needs, we suggest that you consider the following points:

Trip length

If you are going on a one-day trip, we suggest that you take only those utensils with you that you need. All you need is simple plastic things. But if the trip is going to be longer, it’s a good idea to go for utensils that will be used over and over again. It’s even better to opt for metal stuff.

Camping site

What is your camping site? Do you have a specific site on mind or you do you want to hike up a good mountainside? The thing is that if you are going to just one site, the weight of the stuff that you need won’t matter. Since you won’t need to move things around, you can take heavier things with you. For a hiking trip, on the other hand, the weight matters a lot. So, we suggest that you go for something lighter. However, it’s not a good idea to compromise on quality.


The cost of the utensils is based on the type of material used. For instance, plastic is cheaper, lighter and durable. On the other hand, aluminum is costlier but more durable.

Long story short, if you are planning to go on a camping trip, we suggest that you make arrangements for things that you may need. Hopefully, these tips will help you go for the right type of utensils to meet your needs.